Campaign underway to spread veterans' stories through 'Beacon of Honor' using bluetooth technology

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. - Every day, Sean Sweeney starts his day with a prayer and solute to his late father, Edward Sweeney, Jr., at his backyard flagpole that stands in his father's honor.

Sweeney’s father was a Vietnam veteran and Marine and is memorialized often in the Sweeney household.

“I put up that flagpole back in 2008 after my dad passed away, he was a Vietnam veteran and somebody who was my hero who I looked up to a lot,."

Neighbors began to ask about the flagpole and in telling the story of his father over and over again, Sweeney decided to give the flagpole and his father's story life through new iBeacon technology.

Sweeney has launched “Beacon of Honor,” which is a small gold star with bluetooth technology inside that pairs to an Apple or Android phone with the use of PlaceApp, a Denver-based App company.

For those who have the free app downloaded on their phone, an alert will pop-up when you walk near an active beacon. With one click, you can begin to learn the story of that memorial through interactive stories, pictures and videos.

Sweeney is hoping the Beacon of Honor will spread our military members stories to the younger generations.

“There's hundreds of thousands of memorials and monuments around the country that have stories trapped inside them and we just can't get to them,” said Sweeney.

With a newly formed non-profit, Sweeney is beginning to raise money to manufacture more beacons so anyone can memorialize their own loved ones. He’s hoping to spread the "Beacon of Honor" to the large national memorials as well.

“We have families do an audio story, a video story [to] be able to create a living tribute to whoever has passed away, whether it's a gold star family or a veteran or somebody who's in the active military,” said Sweeney.

If you would like to donate or purchase a Beacon of Honor, visit


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