Greeley firefighters cap carbon dioxide leak at shuttered Taco John's restaurant

Carbon dioxide can displace oxygen in closed areas

GREELEY, Colo. - Greeley firefighters responded Tuesday to a leaking carbon dioxide tank at a Taco John’s restaurant that recently closed down.

Just before 11:00 a.m, a soft drink vendor who was retrieving equipment reported a carbon dioxide tank, used to add the fizz to soft drinks at restaurants, was leaking in the basement of the building at 701 11th Ave, said Greeley Fire Division Chief Dale Lyman.

Carbon dioxide leaks can pose a risk because, in concentrated quantities, carbon dioxide can displace and deplete oxygen, creating a dangerous condition for humans, Lyman said.

Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus tested the basement with air monitors and found the oxygen was depleted in the room, Lyman said.

The carbon dioxide tank was checked, shut down and the space was ventilated with fans, he said.

Upon checking the atmosphere again, fire crews found that a refrigerator was leaking coolant gas, Lyman said. The building was ventilated and the owner's representative was instructed to call a refrigeration technician.

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