Volunteers repair 50 hail-damaged homes ahead of winter weather

Day-long repairs done by volunteers in Golden
Posted at 10:58 AM, Sep 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-10 14:37:12-04

GOLDEN, Colo. – Nearly 450 volunteers spent their Saturday morning repairing 50 Golden homes that were damaged in May’s hailstorm.

The damage included holes through windows, chipped paint, damaged siding and the destruction of many roofs in the area.

Insurance covered the cost of repair work for some homeowners, but that was not the case for others.

This day-long event is in its 7th year. Organizer Dan Thoemke said, “We realize this is nothing compared to the devastation hitting other parts of the country. It, nonetheless, was devastating to those who continue to live under sub-standard roofs as winter approaches.”

This year, the City of Golden partnered with the Neighborhood Rehab Project (NRP) and other major sponsors for the all-day effort.

The city reallocated $15,000 in unused monies from Neighborhood Betterment Grants to assist NRP with funding the repairs.

The hashtag “#beatool,” or “Be a tool,” was used to follow development throughout Saturday’s efforts.

Denver7 crews followed one volunteer group to Jamie Conway's Golden home.

"When the hailstorm came through, it was literally like mass destruction," Jamie said.

The siding on the home she's owned since 2010 was riddled with hail holes. It had been four months since the hailstorm made its way through Golden, and Jamie said she wasn't sure if her home would ever get fixed.

"Between the siding and the roof, it was going to be an upwards of $10,000," she said.

"It's difficult when you're a single-parent on one income," Jamie pointed out.

Fortunately, "Be a tool" volunteers had the tools and the time to help.

"We all have our own stories and different things that we struggle with," Heidi Rickels told Denver7.

Heidi and her 9-year-old son Aiden were assigned to Jamie's house.

"I think it looked like a machine gun hit the side of her house," Heidi described.

Saturday's repairs included repairing fences, painting houses, yard maintenance and roofing efforts. These are renovations that usually carry a hefty price-tag.

"There was just nothing I could really afford," Jamie said.

The help she received today- priceless.

The event grew to include groups in Idaho Springs and Englewood, and collectively involved 1,000 volunteers.