Vehicle vandals are targeting garage door openers

Several communities have seen spikes in theft


It appear thieves are now after your garage door opener.

Several communities have seen a recent spike in these thefts. On Wednesday, Frederick reported five vehicle break-ins. In four of the five cases, garage door openers were stolen.

“And if you don’t notice that your remote is missing when you get in your car in the morning, thieves could come back while you’re at work - especially if you don’t lock that interior garage door,” said Megan Williams, spokeswoman for the town of Frederick.

When it comes to garage doors -- few are more knowledgeable than D.J. Seeber.

“It’s very simple once you understand it,” said Seeber, general sales manager with Colorado Garage Door Services, Inc.

There were also similar thefts in Longmont and Firestone. Aurora has tracked at least 17 similar thefts. Of those, there were three burglaries where access was gained to the house with the stolen garage door opener.

“I would guess that 99 percent of the population does not lock the garage door from the garage to the house,” said Seeber.

Seeber said if your garage door opener is stolen, you should reprogram the main lift motor in your garage by pressing and holding the ‘learn’ button on the main motor. The button is colored.

“When the LED light flashes, it’s been wiped clean,” said Seeber.

“A little vigilance goes a long way in preventing this kind of lazy theft,” Williams said. “If a thief can’t get into your car – they’re going to move on.”

“Guard your garage door opener like you would a key to your own house that has your address on it,” said Seeber.


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