Police impersonation suspect Leslie Dewayne Simpson to be arraigned Friday

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - A police impersonation suspect arrested in Englewood is due to appear in Arapahoe County Court Friday for his arraignment.

Leslie Dewayne Simpson, 36, was arrested for the alleged crime in April. Two people told police they were serving civil papers when Simpson approached, identified himself as an officer and displayed a badge.

"He said he was the police, flashed his badge, told us we were trespassing, told us to leave," said one victim, who asked 7NEWS to keep her identity confidential.

When Englewood Police arrived, Simpson was allegedly still there claiming to be a bail bondsman.

Officers arrested Simpson at the scene on a felony charge of impersonating a police officer.

The victim said she didn't know Simpson's badge was fake until she saw a real police officer's badge.

“If I hadn’t seen those cops' badges, I wouldn’t know the difference," she said.

Police records show Denver Police also arrested Simpson earlier this year for allegedly firing a gun in the air in the alley behind the Up In Smoke Hookah Bar.  They said he also flashed a badge at a witness and identified himself as a cop.

Simpson has a lengthy, 11-page criminal record including charges of child abuse, theft and burglary.

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