United Airlines flight from Reagan to DIA delayed for 'security issue,' FBI investigating

DENVER - United Airlines confirms a flight from Reagan National to Denver was delayed nearly three hours for a "security issue" Monday afternoon.

Airline spokeswoman Mary Ryan confirms to 7NEWS that flight 1609 was delayed 2 hours and 41 minutes because of the issue, but declined to provide additional information. 

"Anything beyond that I'll have to direct you to the FBI who is investigating," Ryan wrote in an email.

A viewer first informed us of the issue via Facebook message. She said, "Flight was supposed to leave at 4:10 but we are still stuck on board due to a security risk."

Passengers said they were first told the air conditioning needed to be fixed on the plane.  After about 90 minutes they were forced to deplane because of a security risk.  Passengers said the concourse was evacuated and they were re-screened by TSA.  The FBI was there along with a bomb sniffing dog that checked out the plane while they waited.

"The rest of us stood around in the boarding area, they wouldn't let us go to the bathroom.  They were very bullying," said passenger Kathryn Dansky.

Susan Debelle said she didn't mind waiting to ensure she would get to her destination safely.

"I'm willing to put up with the inconveniences," Debelle said.

Christopher M. Paolino, media relations manager for the Washington DC Airport Authority, said the request to re-screen the passengers came from the airline. 
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