Skiing at Red Rocks is officially checked off Lakewood man's bucket list thanks to March blizzard

MORRISON, Colo. - Red Rocks is a staple during the summer but people in Colorado don't have as much use for it during a blizzard.

Then there's Nick Gianoutsos.

Instead of driving all the way to the mountains Wednesday evening, Nick and his girlfriend Jennifer hit the amphitheater -- to ski.

Nick started a few steps from the top, in the middle of the stadium, and floated his way down to the stage. Heavy snow made the stairs invisible. 

"The question (was) would there be enough snow. As we walked past the visitor center onto the upper plaza. I peered into the amphitheater. 'It will go!'" Nick told Denver7. 

Nick said the experience was "so much fun" but pretty challenging. He did three runs total.

Video and photos above

"There was just enough snow to get a continuous run. The thick wet, snow held to the edge of the benches and allowed me to make turns. I kept thinking, 'Whatever you do, don't fall!'"

A photo of other skiers, taken in 2006, gave Nick the idea. Wednesday, he watched the powder stack up at his home in Lakewood. He stayed home from work because of the blizzard.

"We weren't sure what to expect so we were prepared for a long hike. 6th Avenue was littered with abandoned cars. When we got to the park, we were thrilled to discover the roads had been recently plowed.  We were able to drive all the way to the amphitheater," Nick told Denver7.

Nick and Jennifer went to Red Rocks at about 5 in the evening and said the only people there were a few photographers.

"We've gone to a lot of concerts at Red Rocks, Film on the Rocks, we've run at Red Rocks and yesterday got to ski at Red Rocks."

Normally, Nick and Jenn ski at A-Basin but Nick says he's getting into ski mountaineering. He's gone down a few 14ers too.

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