Racketeering suspect edited his face onto photo of Navy officer shaking hands with Bill Clinton

Two suspects still wanted

DENVER - One of the suspects indicted by a Denver Grand Jury for an alleged racketeering scheme is accused of editing himself into a photo with former President Bill Clinton and using it to help convince people he was a Navy veteran.

Zachary Sebastian "Skip" Bowman, 41, is one of the three suspects named in the 53-count Grand Jury indictment, according to Denver District Attorney's Spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough. Bowman allegedly used the name online nickname "navyboydenver" for many years and tricked people into believing he was a veteran. Click to see the original photo on Flickr: http://ch7ne.ws/1oHzOTq

Bowman and Scott Edward Diehl, 44, are charged with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, aggravated motor vehicle theft, theft and identity theft. The third suspect, 28-year-old Jessica Fox, is charged with conspiracy to commit numerous felonies including conspiracy to commit burglary, identity theft and forgery.

Kimbrough said Diehl and Fox are accused of breaking into gym storage lockers in the metro area to steal car keys and personal information, then using that information to break into the victims' vehicles and apartments. Bowman allegedly disposed of stolen goods.

Together, the suspects allegedly collected personal information to create false documents and used the money from their various alleged crimes to finance the use and sale of drugs including methamphetamine.

Bowman and Diehl are also accused of having metal plates for making counterfeit cash.

Diehl is already in custody for another case, but Bowman and Fox are wanted suspects.

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