Principal on leave, multiple resignations after incident at Denver's newest school

District investigates school after complaints

DENVER - A high school principal and campus security guard were put on leave this week while the Denver School District investigates what led to complaints from two families.

Two families complained that their children were improperly disciplined by a security guard at Northfield High School in Stapleton and a spokesperson for the Denver Public School District confirms they have launched an investigation into the allegations.

The district sent a letter to parents notifying them that the security guard and principal of the school, Avi Tropper, are now on leave pending an investigation.

The letter also reveals that one full-time and two part-time teachers have left the school, along with an office employee.

Earlier this week, the full-time teacher sent her own letter to parents letting them know she does not feel the school takes enough security measures. 

In the letter, she states she reported several threats made by students against her to Denver Police, and officers tell 7NEWS one juvenile was cited at the school on Monday, but cannot say why.  

She said administrators at the school did not respond to her complaints.

In their letter to parents, the district said they did not know about the teacher’s letter and that after meeting with faculty at the school, the majority feel she did not properly represent what goes on at the school. 

Northfield High School is the district's newest school. It opened in August of this year. 

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