Neighbors say they're fed up with street racing along South Huron Street near Tennessee

DENVER - Residents who live in a mobile home park along South Huron Street near West Tennessee Avenue say they are fed up with street racers tearing up and down their neighborhood streets.

“They’ve been racing here every Sunday night for 5 or 6 years,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want her name used.

“The cops will chase them and they’ll all scatter,” she said, “and they’ll be back as soon as the cops leave.”

The woman says she and her husband have spent hours videotaping the racers with a camera and cell phone.

“I just wish somebody would stop them,” she said, “before somebody gets hurt or killed.”

The woman told 7NEWS that she has called police several times and that responding officers tell her there’s not much more they can do because the drivers just go somewhere else and race.

She said the racers normally gather at South Huron and Exposition around 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. on Sunday and drag race up and down Huron until 2 or 3 in the morning.  Last night’s races were delayed, likely because police cruisers were patrolling the area looking for a suspect in another case.

Another neighbor told a 7NEWS crew that was videotaping on Huron Street, “You have to hide. They have lookouts that are watching for police.”

When asked how many drivers normally race there, the first woman replied “Oh at least a hundred. At least.”

She told 7NEWS that there have been a number of accidents related to the racing.

“If two of them don’t know how to turn, they’ll run into each other,” she said. “Car pieces will go everywhere.  They’ll get out, pick them up and they take off and leave.  They’ll be back the next weekend.”

Last month, a car ended up overturned in the nearby South Platte River. Officers said the accident was likely related to street racing.

The woman said the racers often remove license plates from their cars and drive without headlights, so witnesses can’t get identifying information.

“It’s frustrating and noisy,” she said. “Sometimes you can’t get any sleep.”

At 10:40 Sunday night, the woman called 7NEWS and said the racers were mobilizing.

When a crew went back to the neighborhood the racers were not on Huron street, but a police cruiser was.

The crew did find a number of cars making illegal double turns from northbound Santa Fe Drive onto eastbound Mississippi Avenue.  From there, the drivers appeared to turn south into another neighborhood along South Cherokee Street and South Bannock Street.

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