Mile High Comics owner thanks pot for real estate boom

DENVER - The owner of Denver's Mile High Comics plans to sells its headquarters, crediting a commercial real estate boom driven by marijuana grows.

From the outside, the building at 2151 W. 56th Ave. in Denver is just another warehouse, but step inside and you'll find the largest repository of comic books and magazines in the world, said Chuck Rozanski, Mile High Comic's Founder and President.

For 29 years, Rozanski has owned the building, but now he is packing his 6 million books and preparing to sell.

"The offers are just too good to refuse," said Rozanski, who said the property is listed for $1.6 million dollars. "The pot demand is driving the market right now and making the prices go up for everyone."

A recent report found that in central Denver one in 11 industrial buildings are used for marijuana grows.

Marijuana business owners are struggling with soaring rents and high occupancy.

Steve Horwitz, owner of Ganja Gourmet, said it is difficult to find space anywhere.

"You can't get warehouses, you can't get retail space to open up stores. The entire real estate market is going off the hook now and a lot of it is because of marijuana," said Horwitz.

Rozanski said he will reinvest the money he makes off the sale of his warehouse into his business.

"I'm going to buy more comics," he said with a smile. 

The irony hasn't escaped him, he said that Mile High Comics got its name long ago from the industry now helping it grow.

"When I first started Mile High Comics, I was 19 years old and I was a stoner," said Rozanski, "And I was not in Denver. I was in Boulder, so we were not in the Mile High City, except we were all a mile high all the time."

His goal is to have all the books moved out of headquarters by March 31, but in order to raise the funds for that move, he is offering a fire sale of the excess inventory: all comic books half price at the 4600 Jason St. location.


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