Denver to add 'rest days' at busy parks to curtail events

Denver is trying its hand at another new plan for special events in 2016, now allowing new events to apply, but instituting "rest periods" at seven of the city's busiest parks.

After placing a partial moratorium on new events in 2015, Denver Parks and Recreation decided on this change that will take effect next year for April through October as a pilot project and then be re-evaluated going forward. Parks and Recreation worked closely with the Office of Special Events and several other agencies.

The rest periods will be put in place at City, Cheesman, Washington, Civic Center, Confluence, Sloans Lake and Stapleton Central parks, leaving a certain number of weekend rest days scheduled in to keep the park open for resident use and prohibit any permitted events that would come within a block of the park, including races.

"We want to balance the events for those who do and do not want an event," Denver Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Cyndi Karvaski said. "We're just going to start with these to see how it works and look at it throughout the year."

Events that have been held in Denver for the past two years will be considered priority events for its site and date for 2016 as part of the new plan.

Read all the details on the Denver Post.

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