Denver Public Schools implements $12 minimum wage for employees

DENVER - Denver Public Schools is implementing a $12 per hour minimum wage.

The change affects approximately 1,700 employees, including 700 paraprofessionals, 500 food service workers and 300 custodians, according to Denver Public Schools.

DPS said some employees making $9 an hour will immediately get a 33 percent pay increase.

"All of our employees are crucial to the success of our students," said Superintendent Tom Boasberg in a statement sent to 7NEWS. "From our teachers and our paraprofessionals who assist our teachers, to our cafeteria workers who serve food to our students and our custodial staff who clean our buildings and grounds, all of these people are important to our success. All of them deserve to earn a living wage."

The school district said the average raise for DPS teachers next year will be 5.6 percent.

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