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Denver Police are out on the streets cracking down on illegal fireworks this Fourth of July

Posted at 9:57 PM, Jul 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 00:32:27-04

DENVER -- Fireworks had Denver police on high alert this Independence Day.

As you know, it is illegal to have any fireworks that leave the ground or explode, which is why Corporal Kevin Dreyfuss stresses that some of the most important parts of the job when doing firework patrol is enforcement through education.

“Basically, it gives you a chance to meet with the public and educate them on the dangers of fireworks and that’s my preference, enforcement through education.”

Dreyfuss believes most people are aware of the laws and still decide to break them.

Some of those people were caught in the act during their patrols. As they were going through a park they saw a family lighting fireworks.

“Fireworks are illegal so I’m not sure what all you’ve got here but we’re going to have to confiscate what you’ve got.”

The consequences of lighting fireworks can vary.

“Confiscation for sure, so that we can prevent injury or damage; potential citation up to $1,000; court fees; up to a year in jail," said Dreyfuss.

Denver Police say they typically begin their firework patrol a few days before the holiday and will end a few days after.