Denver man continues to get fines for tolls he never used

E-470 is resolving the issue
Posted at 12:29 AM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 02:29:01-04

DENVER -- A Denver man continues to get fined for tolls he never used.

Timothy Dodge’s license plate was stolen and someone was using it and driving on E-470. In August, the fees were cleared after his story aired. Then Thursday, he got a new fine in the mail, this time from the law firm representing E-470 for $70.

Dodge had originally been receiving notices and calls from attorneys to pay the fine of a little more than $100. After Denver7 talked to E-470 the first time, it was thought the issue was resolved.

Dodge tells us he called and tried to explain that the fees should have been waived.

"It seems like they got all the power and they're gonna do what they want regardless of what's right or wrong. There's got to be a check and balance in place,” said Dodge. "For me, $70 could mean the difference between whether my boys have school clothes, or if they have food. It makes a big difference when you're on social security."

E-470 replied to a request from comment Thursday, and it appears it was a paperwork issue.

A spokesperson said all charges are waived and they will continue to monitor the situation so it doesn't happen again. It’s suggested that Dodge cancel his plates altogether with the DMV.