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Denver Food Rescue volunteers help curb food waste, deliver to needy in a green way

Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 20:07:31-05

DENVER – The old saying goes that it’s difficult to get kids to eat their vegetables. But what if their families can’t afford or even access those types of foods to begin with?

That’s where the Denver Food Rescue comes in. 

A few times a week, volunteers will go to local grocery stores to pick up donated food. Fruit, produce, and other goods that are a little close to the expiration date or just a little different get loaded into small trailers to be distributed to other nonprofits in so-called “food deserts” or poorer neighborhoods in the area. And they get it there in a unique way. 

“We go by bike,” volunteer Kristina Topp explained. “We use bike trailers and we take it to several distribution sites to people that can use this great food.”

Denver7 followed some volunteers on a recent trip from Colfax to north of City Park, where the food was dropped off at a local after-school program. 

“Our families don’t have the options to provide fresh fruits and vegetables that you can find at the grocery store. They’re focused on rent and bills,” program leader Pamela Roberts told Denver7. 

They set up a table in the lobby where families can pick up produce and food as they pick up their kids. 

“By doing it free of cost (the families) are able to give kids well-rounded meals,” she said. 

In the end, these volunteers are curbing food waste, delivering it in a green way, and bridging a gap in a needy community — all at once. 

For ways to volunteer or links to other food programs, head to the Denver Food Rescue's website