Denver doctor's office takes new approach to payment, care

DENVER - A trip to the doctor's office is not always a pleasant experience, but a local practice that opened its second Denver office wants to change that perception. 

Iora Health is doing it through two ways: How you pay, and how they treat their patients.

By partnering with the insurance company, the practice simplifies the process of fees and billing. Seniors with certain Medicare are totally covered.

"So we're going to get rid of the transaction and allow us to focus on relationship and just take good care of people," Iora CEO Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle said.

"We're out of that world of saying 'OK I've got 20 minutes, I've gotta bust this out. You've gotta get your mammogram, you've gotta get your blood pressure under control," Dr. Joe Johnson said.

Instead, your typical Iora visit includes a patient, a doctor, and a personalized health coach for each patient.

"The health coach's role is really to keep the patient engaged and on track with what we talked about in that visit. And if that doesn't happen we figure out how to improve upon it," health coach Tyler Hanna said.

And if you cannot make the appointment?

"If you're helping manage the care of your grandmother, we can Skype you in on the visit, you'll get to see the record, you get to participate," Dr. Fernandopulle said.

And the CEO said it's already working.

Patients of Iora, which has about 20 offices across the country, have lower blood pressure levels, and visit the hospital and emergency room less than the national average. 

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