Denver cites Kasel Industries for pig-ear processing smell; pet-treat maker sues city

Neighbors revolted by 'rotting dead carcass smell'

DENVER - After some residents living in Denver's River North neighborhood organized to get rid of the "stench of pig ears,"  the city responded.

The target of their disgust, Kasel Industries, which processes pig ears into doggy  treats.

Nate Grover, who has lived in the area for nearly eight years, says the smell is overpowering.

"It's like a rotting dead carcass smell," said Grover. "It sucks when you have to smell something as bad as what's coming out of that factory."

In March, the Denver Department of Environmental Health issued a $500 citation against Kasel Industries for "nuisance odors," according to the citation obtained by 7NEWS.

"We received multiple complaints about this company and odors emanating from this company," said Celia Vanderloop, Denver's director of environmental quality. 
In fact, Vanderloop said that over the years the city has received dozens of odor complaints against Kasel, while other local manufacturers have invested in improvements to reduce odors.
After being cited, though, Kasel filed a federal civil rights lawsuit arguing the city should not have approved residential development in an area that has been zoned industrial for a century.
Kasel alleges the city is trying to "illegally deprive" them of property in order to develop it for residential and commercial use.
"Not at all," said Vanderloop. "We are treating them just like we would any other business or residence that we received a complaint about."
She said Kasel has not paid the $500 fine.
The firm's owner, Ray Kasel, and his attorneys would not comment for this story.


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