Crossdressing housekeeper Daryl Rasmussen, aka Ms Puppy, pleads guilty to killing Denver couple

DENVER - A crossdresser has pleaded guilty to killing two Denver men who hired him as a housekeeper.

Daryl L. Rasmussen, 58, pleaded guilty Friday to counts of second-degree murder. The Denver Post reports he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and 13 other charges against him were dismissed.

Prosecutors say Rasmussen beat to death 63-year-old Ronald Ford and 56-year-old Ramiro Sanchez at their Denver home in 2011. They say Rasmussen also stole the couple's car and used their credit cards and identities after their deaths.

When the murders were first discovered, police announced they were searching for a suspect who reportedly liked to cross dress and use the nickname "Ms. Puppy."

Rasmussen was later arrested in Texas.

Rasmussen had been homeless when the men hired Rasmussen to be a housekeeper and caregiver to Sanchez, who was disabled, in 2010.

Both of the victims were killed by blows to the head. Ford's body was found in the couple's home at 122 Stuart St. police said. Sanchez was found a week later, hidden under a stack of bags and other items in a basement packed floor-to-ceiling with stored belongings.

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