Board upholds firing of Denver Deputy Frank Kemp for slapping an inmate, lying about it

DENVER - Another black eye for the Denver Sheriff's Department: An employment board on Monday upheld the firing of a jail deputy who slapped an inmate and later lied about the incident.

Denver's Career Service Board upheld the firing of ex-Deputy Frank Kemp Monday, according to documents first reported on by our news partners at The Denver Post.

Kemp had appealed his termination, but the decision document obtained by 7NEWS shows the board sided with the sheriff's department's decision to fire the deputy.

According to the order, silent video from a break room shows Kemp with some low-security inmates on June 2, 2011.

"Kemp, evidently, did not like the looks or attitude of one of the seated inmates and engaged him in a hostile conversation," the document says.

It goes on to say that Kemp pushed the inmate against a wall, poked him in the face and chest, put his hands around the inmate's neck, grabbed the inmate's hand and pushed his head against the wall. Then, after disengaging for a moment, the document says Kemp slapped the inmate on the left side of the head with the back of his hand.

Later, the order says Kemp gave a false account of the incident to a sergeant and lied in a written report.

"A year later, Kemp was confronted with the video by Internal Affairs," the order says. "He was asked again to explain the video. Again, Kemp's explanation lacked credibility."

Documents dated Jan. 2, 2014 from Kemp's previous appeal of his termination found, "(Kemp's) version of events was inconsistent with all the other evidence presented."

In the latest appeal, the board concluded, "We believe that reversing the Hearing Officer could send the unacceptable message that such misconduct will be condoned, or at least tolerated. We will not do that."

Kemp was fired for neglect of duty, carelessness, acts of dishonesty, failure to observe written departmental regulations, conduct prejudicial and violating other rules.

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