Shots fired from stolen vehicle; 3 suspects arrested

Shots were potentially fired from a BB gun
Posted at 2:52 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 01:49:11-04

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- Three of the suspects who ran from police in Boulder County after firing shots into the windows of a vehicle stolen from Denver Thursday afternoon were arrested Thursday night in Lafayette.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Heidi Prentup confirmed three suspects -- one juvenile, one adult and another whose age was unknown - were arrested, but it didn't come easily.

Law enforcement was involved in several pursuits with the suspects before they were eventually able to use stop-sticks to halt the suspects. A TASER was also used to bring in at least one of them.

Prentup added that two police cars were damaged while taking the three into custody, but no officers were injured. The van was found at North Finch and Baseline in Lafayette.

Four people were originally sought after people's windows were shot out throughout Boulder County as the troop made its way north from Denver in the stolen car.

The suspects reportedly sped away onto major roads, including Highway 287 as they drove from Denver to Longmont.

The suspects – described as four Hispanic males driving a blue 2009 Toyota Corolla with Colorado plates 650WGU or 650WGV – then reportedly stopped at a Walmart in Longmont. 

(PHOTO: Suspect vehicle spotted in Longmont)

In Longmont, the suspects split up, with two stealing a van from the Walmart parking lot, according to Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Heidi Prentup.

Police added the suspects continued to speed away, leaving the car in a ditch.

Two more suspects continued to speed away from police in the stolen van, for which there is no description. 

“I just heard a really loud noise and the window just cracked, or whatever you want to say,” said cab driver Richard Key.  Key was driving a passenger in Longmont when his vehicle’s driver side window was struck, likely by a BB.

“The passenger goes, ‘Somebody just shot out your window,’ and he goes, ‘Look, there’s the hole,’” said Key.

Key is planning to return to work on Friday.  He’ll be driving a loaner, as his regular car is now in the shop for repair.

“It was rather shocking and I’m sure the other people who got hit are probably feeling the same way as me: shook up and confused,” Key said.

Police said the suspects had weapons in the vehicle and potentially used BB guns to shoot out the windows of victims' vehicles. 

Anybody with information on either pair of suspects is asked to call police immediately at 911. 

Denver7 will update this story with details as soon as more information is known. 


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