Plan to build 'tiny homes' on patch of land stopped by Boulder County

BOULDER, Colo. - Tiny houses are creating huge controversy in Boulder County. A property developer wants to put several tiny homes on a 2-acre parcel. Denver7 reporter Kristen Skovira discovered, neighbors are complaining and Boulder County has issued a stop work order, but the tiny home enthusiast still has big plans.

"Colorado, especially Boulder, what a beautiful spot for a tiny home area and to put several on a piece of property was a great idea," said tiny house developer, Craig Lyons.

Lyons is the tiny home enthusiast who first came up with that 'great idea' and a Craigslist ad that generated hundreds of responses from people excited to put their own tiny home on the property and live ‘off the grid.'

“The biggest issue with tiny homes is people build a tiny home and the county or the city won’t allow them to put it anywhere,” Lyons said.

The ad, promising 30 by 40 foot plots, finished sidewalks, a composting area and communal parking lot has since been taken down. Richard Hackett with Boulder County's Land Use Department says the property is not zoned for such a large-scale project and no permits have been approved.

“We didn’t want people to see this ad and think, ‘I can move a tiny home there without permitting or septic,’” he said, “The county is supportive of smaller homes and tiny homes in general it’s just that they have to follow the same rules health and safety and sanitation as normal size houses,”

Still Lyons says it's private land and has every intention of moving forward.
“We want to work something out with the county because we believe that people are demanding a way to give back a way to live simpler and easier lives,” he said.

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