CU student Zoey Ripple who was shot in May accepts plea deal in drunken trespassing case

Ripple accepts 18-month deferred sentence

BOULDER, Colo. - A CU-Boulder student who was shot in the hip after police say she drunkenly entered a stranger's home in Boulder has accepted a plea deal.

Police say Zoey Ripple was drunk when she entered what she thought was a friend's home at 425 College Avenue on May 23 and did not respond to warnings from the homeowners that they had a gun and would shoot.

The couple told police they did not know if there were multiple intruders in their home and they were afraid of being robbed.

The Boulder Daily Camera reported that Ripple will receive an 18-month deferred sentence in exchange for her guilty plea.

"This has been an enormously traumatic incident for me," Ripple told the newspaper. "This is something that will follow me for the rest of my life. But this does not define me."

"I am pleased this case is resolved in a manner that gives Ms. Ripple an opportunity to learn from it and move forward with her life," said Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

The paper also reported that Ripple could have the charge eventually wiped from her record if she abides by the terms of the agreement, which included not using alcohol. Ripple has already been to substance abuse classes and said she has not drank since the incident and does not plan to in the future.

The homeowner who shot Ripple didn't face charges because Colorado's "Make My Day" law allows residents to defend themselves against suspected intruders.

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