Boulder police to increase enforcement of new crosswalk ordinances, including bicycle speed limit

New ordinance limits bikes to 8mph in crosswalk

BOULDER, Colo. - Starting Monday, police in Boulder are increasing enforcement at crosswalks. Among other things, they’ll be enforcing a new 8 mph speed limit for bicycles in a crosswalk.

Three new ordinances related to crosswalk safety recently went into effect, according to Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel. They are:

  • An 8 mph speed limit for bicycles during the immediate approach, entry and traversal of any crosswalk.
  • A requirement that pedestrians only enter crosswalks with flashing yellow crosswalk signs while the signs are activated.
  • A rule saying that when one vehicle stops for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, all other vehicles headed in the same direction must also stop.

Fines for breaking these ordinances range from $50 to $125 and drivers may receive points against their license, Kobel said.

She also said the Boulder City Council is expected to designate Sept. 17-28 as September Crosswalk Safety Weeks. During that time, police will focus on the crosswalks where a majority of incidents occur. Kobel said most of those crosswalks are on or near the University of Colorado campus.

Police will also be keeping an eye on school zones, Kobel said.

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