VIRAL PHOTO: Colorado 2-year-old takes bath in bucket of white paint while mom nurses brother

AURORA, Colo. - An Aurora, Colo. mother nursing her son got nervous when she realized her 2-year-old daughter was suddenly quiet.

When Victoria Farmer walked into the next room, she was shocked by what she saw -- her toddler, Anistyn, covered in paint from neck to toes.

"It was horrible," Farmer said of the Tuesday incident. "She [apparently] got into the bucket and submerged herself."

"I said 'Anistyn,' and she just stood there frozen and didn't say anything," Farmer told 7NEWS.

Farmer yelled for her sister to help. They put a washrag under Anistyn and carried her to the tub. But Anistyn had already covered the family room floor with her tiny white footprints. 

"The paint came off pretty easily, but I don't think she wanted it to come off," Farmer said. "We're still cleaning paint off the floor."

Farmer said she and her husband are about to sell their house and she was painting the walls after the kids went to bed Monday night and she couldn't get the lid on all the way on the bucket.

"I look like an irresponsible parent, but she's just really quick," Farmer said. "I feel like I should make a book of her insane things."

Anistyn just turned 2, but Farmer said Anistyn hit the "terrible 2s" six months early.

Farmer says Anistyn has painted herself with sharpies, regular finger paints and watercolors. 

Farmer then had to quickly get off the phone because Anistyn looked prepared for Round 2 (below).

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