Significant winter storm may bring heavy snow to the Denver area, testing trees yet to lose leaves

AURORA, Colo. - Part of your weekend might need to be spent preparing for the threat of heavy snow for early next week.

Many Denver metro area trees still have plenty of leaves that have yet to fall, which could become a problem with large accumulations.

Depending on the storm track, First Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson said it's possible for the storm to drop a couple of feet of snow.

"You always want to be concerned. You want to be proactive," said Jake Wolf, nursery man for Nick's Garden Center and Farm Market in Aurora.

He recommends shaking the branches on trees that still have leaves to try to get as many as possible to fall prior to the snow.

"The more leaves you get off, the less it will collect," said Wolf.

Wolf also suggested using twine to close upright Juniper trees, so that they keep their shape through the winter.

As is typical with Colorado, if your tree collects too much snow, you'll want to go out and help it ditch the extra weight.

"You still want to keep an eye on it, shake them off, kick that soccer ball, get the broom," said Wolf.

Denver7 checked with an engineer and determined that one foot of snow on a 10-foot branch provided nine pounds of weight. The same snow on a 20-foot branch would feel like 35 pounds.


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