Frigid Facts About Denver's Cold

Minus 29 Is The All-time Record!

The arctic blast hitting Colorado kept most of the eastern plains at or below zero all day on Tuesday and may bring temperatures as low as -20 by Wedensday morning in the metro area.

Tuesday has been a very cold day, with the high temperature of 1 degree below zero. This marks the first time that Denver has had a high of minus 1 or lower since Jan. 12 and 13 in 1997!

The predicted low temperature for Wednesday in Denver is 20 below zero. This will establish a new record for Groundhog's Day, eclipsing the old record of 18 below set in 2007.

The coldest official temperature ever recorded in Denver was -29 on Jan. 9, 1875, according to the National Weather Service.

It is rather rare to drop to 20 below or colder in the Mile High City. Denver has hit that mark only 29 times between 1872 and 2010, according to the NWS website. All of those dates were set in December, January and February. One of those -20 degree days was a Feb. 1. Denver had a low of -25 on Feb. 1, 1951. How cold was it last year?

In February 2010, the coldest day in Denver only saw a temperature of -1. In January 2010, Denver saw a low of -16.

How cold has it been this year?

Denver has already seen negative temperatures this year. On Jan. 12, the low temperature in Denver was -5. This morning has been the coldest so far at 13 below.

Need some good news?

The first day of spring is just 45 days away.

While the average high temperature in Denver in February is 45-50 degrees, we have seen many record highs in the 70s.

Last year we had our first 80-degree day on March 30, when Denver hit 82.

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