Friends Ink Their Bond, Legacy With Church Victims

Roughly 15 People Get 'Remember' Tattooed On Wrists

Drew Strobridge said the Youth With A Mission staff is a tight-knit group.

"We're as close as it gets," said Strobridge.

Last Sunday's shootings could have unraveled that bind but instead it has made the fabric of these friends' bonds stronger.

"We're still rejoicing that the two are OK and that Tiffany (Johnson) and Phil (Crouse) are in a better place. We fully believe that," said Strobridge.

Dan Griebenow, 24, was one of the missionaries injured. He was released from Denver Health Thursday. Griebenow suffered a bullet to his throat but friends say he is speaking, albeit with a raspy voice.

Friends said he sped up his recovery in hopes of attending Johnson's funeral, which will be held in Chisolm, Minn., Saturday at 5 p.m.

"He just said he really wants to go to the funeral. He needs to get out and go the funeral," said Strobridge.

Griebenow isn't the only one mourning Johnson's passing.

Roughly 15 friends lined up to get the word "remember" tattooed on their wrists. They said it's symbolic because Johnson too had a "remember" tattoo. Her tattoo honored two friends killed in a car crash.

"For her when she looked at it, she wanted to remember to pray, and remember why she was here and remember the truth about Jesus," said Chrisdene Cloud.

Ben Watson said Arvada's Indelible Ink was packed with people looking to get one of their own.

"The tattoo place was supposed to shut down at 9 p.m. and they stayed open until about 2 in the morning doing all of us," said Watson. "It's a really important day to remember. Even in five years, if we are having trouble or something, we can just look at it and everything comes back."

The missionaries could have easily turned their back on their faith but said they are moving ahead.

In fact, they said Johnson's mission in life is being fulfilled even in her death. They said they've received multiple e-mails and letters from people across the nation who said they have come to know Christ as a result of the tragedy.

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