Friend: Man Beaten By Homeowner Just Wanted To Nap

Zeller Didn't Intend To Snatch Boy In Home, Friend Says

The man who entered a Summit County home Sunday and was beaten by the homeowner just wanted to take a nap.

That's what a friend of Kristopher Zeller contends.

Aaron Marshall told the Rocky Mountain News that Zeller (pictured, left) "wouldn't hurt a fly" and was likely drunk or disoriented.

Zeller hasn't commented publicly about the Easter morning incident.

Keystone Ranch homeowner Greg McMurray told Summit County deputies that his wife woke him at 4 a.m. Sunday when she heard their 8-year-old son struggling with someone in his own bedroom.

McMurray said he yelled at the man to leave but he wouldn't, so McMurray started hitting him with sports equipment.

McMurray used a barbell to force the man out of the doorway while his wife and son locked themselves in a bathroom.

After several shoves of the barbell, the man still refused to leave, so McMurray said he picked up a golf putter and hit him over the head. When the putter broke, McMurray grabbed a second golf club, again striking the man until the club broke into pieces, he told deputies.

When the man still refused to leave, McMurray grabbed a wrought iron fireplace poker and continued to hit the man, bending the poker in the attack, deputies said.

"He beat the living daylights out of him," said Sheriff John Minor.

Shortly after the man left the home, officers found Zeller wandering around the neighborhood and arrested him in connection with the home invasion.

Zeller was taken to Summit Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and later booked into the Summit County Jail.

McMurray's 8-year-old son told deputies that Zeller had grabbed him several times before his parents came to his aid.

Marshall has known Zeller since childhood and he didn't believe his friend intended to hurt or snatch the child.

Marshall said Zeller was visiting friends in Denver who went to Keystone for a ski trip.

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