Former Adams County Public Works Official Charged

Lee Asay, Focus Of CALL7 Investigation, Charged With Theft, Official Misconduct

An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for the former head of Adams County Public Works following a CALL7 investigation into corruption in the public works department.

Adams County prosecutors charged Lee Asay with 27 counts, including 20 felony theft, one count of embezzlement of public property, three counts attempting to influence a public official and a misdemeanor theft and official misconduct charge.

He has turned himself in to police and is being held on a $10,000 bond.

The arrest warrant says the charges focus on county trucks being used at taxpayer expense on Quality Paving contracts.

"This is the result of an ongoing and continuing long-term investigation," said Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr, adding much of the evidence was found in the past six months.

District Attorney Don Quick said his office is still investigating the case.

Asay, who resigned after the CALL7 investigation in 2008, is also facing a civil suit as Adams County seeks to recover damages.

The CALL7 investigation three years ago raised questions about why $14 million in no-bid contracts were given to Quality Paving and Resurfacing Company.

The company also received contract extensions with no bids, and contracts where the company was not the lowest bidder, records uncovered by 7News show. Records and former employees indicated that top county public works officials, including Asay, received free work on their homes and gifts from Quality Paving officials.

Asay was the director of Adams County Public Works at the time and had signed off on the contracts. He has repeatedly refused to talk CALL7 investigator John Ferrugia.

Six others have been charged in the case. Two pleaded to lesser charges, one was acquitted and three are scheduled for trial in December.

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