For First Time, Ramseys Talk About Murder Under Oath

Wolf's Suit Against Slain Girl's Parents Alleges Libel, Defamation

The parents of Jonbenet Ramsey talked Tuesday about their daughter's death for the first time under oath.

Jonbenet was found murdered five years ago, Christmas day. Her murder has never been solved.

John and Patsy Ramsey were questioned Tuesday by lawyers during a suit filed against them. Plaintiff Chris Wolf alleges in the suit that the Ramseys named him a suspect in their book, The Death of Innocence. He is suing the couple for libel, slander, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

"Until (Wolf) can prove where he was that night, I still have questions about it," John Ramsey said.

The Ramseys left Boulder, Colo., not long after their daughter's death. They have been living in Atlanta, where they are now in the middle of the court battle with Wolf.

"We don't know what the police are doing. We haven't known in four years," John Ramsey said.

Patsy Ramsey said that she answered all the questions in court, but the couple believes the case is a waste.

"It's frivolous, and it's just an example of what my family has put up with the past five years," John Ramsey said.

The Ramseys said that the suit is a case of a publicity-seeking lawyer.

"You've got to look at him. His client, a male stripper who has been convicted of a sex offense -- you tell me what it is. I don't think it's a legitimate case, and it's a shame it's tying up our legal system," John Ramsey said.

Patsy Ramsey answered questions in court Tuesday. John Ramsey was expected to take the stand on Wednesday.

The details of specifically what they are being asked about have not been released, 7NEWS reported.

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