Food Truck Fight Brewing In Boulder

City of Boulder Ponders Changes to Current Regulations

Some Boulder food truck owners are hoping the city will relax some of the current rules and regulations concerning where they can and cannot operate.

Right now, Shannon Aten sells her homemade cupcakes and croissants, anywhere she can, like office parks and off of public roads. She’s had her mobile food truck called the Tasterie Truck since April 2011.

But these days, most public parks and Downtown Boulder are pretty much off limits.

"We’re not getting access to a majority of our customers that want us there," said Aten.

The cafe-to-go can't park within 150 feet of a restaurant and must be closed by nine o'clock at night. Aten says that's not so sweet.

"There's really nothing in business that says that just because you create a restaurant and spend a lot of money opening it up and pay a lot of property tax because you want to be centrally located; there's nothing in business that gives you a shield against competition," she said.

Lazy Dog restaurant owner Steven Ross isn't against the food trucks. But he feels the restrictions are needed because he pays big bucks for his prime presence.

"If you charge them rent per square foot comparable to the rent we pay here, I'll bet they wouldn't be a problem," said Ross.

Aten just wants the rules to be relaxed a little bit so she can stay open late every so often or park closer to downtown on occasion.

"If we're given these little modifications they would be good for us. We'd be able to run our business without disrupting them too much," said Aten.

The city of Boulder has maintained the food truck regulations would be fluid. The current priority is to work on zoning that would allow the vehicles to set up in public parks.

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