Flying Tomatoes, Meatballs: 6 Arrested In Olive Garden Fight

Families Had Been Feuding For Some Time, Police Say

Talk about your tossed salad and flying meatballs.

A night out at a local Olive Garden Restaurant landed six people in jail after two families who've had a long-standing beef with one another brawled inside the restaurant.

Valerie Baca, Lawerence Bettale Jr., Rene Bettale, Lawrence Bettale Sr. and two teens were arrested after an off-duty police officer used a Taser gun to control the fight.

Westminster police said two families who've been feuding were seated near one another Wednesday night and it came to a boiling point when one of the families was leaving and made a snide remark or gesture to the other family.

Police say bottles were broken, furniture was thrown, food was flying.

An off-duty police officer had just walked out of the door when the fight broke out so a person ran out to get him, said Stephanie Topkoff with Westminster Police Department.

The officer tried to tame the fighting families and eventually had to use his Taser gun, Topkoff said.

The group now faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

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