First Condor Born At Denver Zoo To Be Released Into Wild

Release Site In Andes Mountains

A condor born at the Denver Zoo is in Colombia where it will be released back into the wild.

The unnamed bird was hatched at the Denver Zoo in May 2007. It was chosen for reintroduction by managers of the Species Survival Plan. The SSP manages the breeding and conservation of a species in accredited zoos.

The Denver Andean condor and a condor from the San Diego Zoo flew from Miami to Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday. They spent about two years at a facility in Florida that offers limited human contact and large enclosures that allow several condors to be housed together so they can gain socialization behaviors prior to release into the wild.

The condors will go to the release site in the Andes Mountains where they will be quarantined up to 45 days before to their planned release in February.

The Denver Zoo's condor was the zoo's first Andean condor chick. The Denver Zoo has since hatched two more chicks. The Andean condors were placed on the Endangered Species list in 1973 after aggressive hunting left the birds close to extinction.