Firefighters Say Teens Using Body Spray As Flamethrower

Fire Investigators Say Fire, Axe Body Spray Don't Mix

A disturbing trend among some teenagers, using body sprays as a homemade flamethrower, has worried West Metro Fire Rescue investigators.

"We've had a dozen young people charged with various arson crimes in the last month and all involved Axe Body Spray," said Cindy Matthews of West Metro Fire.

The fire department asked teachers, principals and parents to caution young people to ignore the more than 200 videos on showing body sprays being ignited and used as mini-flamethrowers.

"Nearly a dozen young people are facing a range of charges after using the popular teenage cologne to set things on fire, including themselves," stated a news release from the fire department. "Recently, several young people have been investigated by fire officials after lighting classmatesÂ’ clothing on fire and using it as a flame thrower to ignite other items. In one instance, bushes next to an apartment caught fire and spread to the building."

In 2007 two 14-year-old Canadian teens were playing with the aerosol cans in the changing room of an Ontario high school. While trying to create the flamethrower effect, one teen allegedly set the other on fire. The boy suffered first-, second- and third-degree burns to his torso.

Axe put out a video after that incident that warned users to "use Axe responsibly." The video showed a girl spraying a fire extinguisher on the chest of a teen boy and a melted can of Axe on the shelf.

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