Firefighter Calendar Fundraiser Back On

Fiscal Controls In Place To Prevent Financial Problems

Saying they want to put the past behind them, firefighters and volunteers who helped produce the "Fired Up For Kids" calendar, announced Friday that they're launching a new calendar to help raise money for Children's Hospital.

The founder of Fired Up For Kids, Kristin Hamling, is still under investigation for using calendar proceeds for her own personal use.

Members of the new group, called Colorado Firefighter Calendar Inc., told 7NEWS that what happened, happened and they don’t want to be vindictive.

“We have strong individuals in this organization,” said Perry Palmer, the president of the new group. “We’re not letting the past stop us. We’re moving forward.”

When asked what controls are in place to prevent a repeat, Palmer said, “We now have a board of directors. The board includes firefighters which it had not in the past.”

The new group’s attorney, Bernard Gehris, said there is also a treasurer.

“There will be at least three people involved with the checking account,” he said. “So there will be three people involved in all the financial transactions.”

Gehris also said that the old organization no longer exists.

“As of Wednesday morning, Fired Up For Kids filed a voluntary dissolution with the Secretary of State,” Gehris said. “All assets have been transferred over… and more importantly, the intellectual property rights to the calendar were transferred over to Firefighter Calendar Inc., so we now have all the rights to print and sell the 2012 and beyond calendars.”

The firefighters who posed for the calendar are ecstatic.

“I’ve had many questions from people, emails and text messages asking, ‘What’s going on?’” said La Don Williams of the Denver Fire Department. “They’ve asked, ‘When are you guys coming back? Are you coming back?’ It’s nice to be able to tell them that we are coming back.”

Charles Karl, of the Denver Fire Department, called the scandal involving the Fired Up For Kids founder “unfortunate.”

“It was out of our control,” Karl said. “But, in a way, the negative publicity helped. More people are aware that there’s a calendar out there. Hopefully, we can have more sales. Hopefully, we can provide more money to Children’s Hospital and help more kids.”

“We’ve known throughout this process that we were going to come out a stronger organization,” said firefighter Molly Meehan, of the Longmont Fire Department. “That’s exciting.”

Palmer said that in addition to raising money for the burn unit at Children’s, the new group will focus on children’s fire safety.

“We have a wonderful platform for our heroes (firefighters) to connect with children in a way that will prevent future injuries,” Palmer said.

“We’re excited about our enhanced focus,” said Barbara Brooks, chair of the Marketing and Public Relations Committee.

Brooks said the first event will be the re-launch of the 2012 calendar and 2013 recruitment party on Thursday, Feb. 9.

Brooks added that the calendar’s annual Celebrity Judging Event will take place on Friday, May 11th at the EXDO Events Center.

She said those who want more information will soon be able to find it on a new website

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