Fire Truck Rolls Down Hill, Crushes '69 Firebird

Firefighter Taken To Hospital With Minor Injuries

A seat belt may have saved a firefighter from a serious injury after his fire truck rolled down a hill Tuesday.

The Evergreen firefighter pulled over to the shoulder of Ponderosa Drive, a mountain road in Clear Creek County, to let other cars go by in the opposite direction.

The shoulder gave way and the fire truck rolled down the hill, said Evergreen Fire Chief Garry DeJong.

The truck landed on a 1969 Firebird and an ATV on a driveway to a home at the bottom of the hill. No one was inside the Firebird nor on the ATV at the time.

Resident Shelbi Vickery lives in the home at the bottom of the hill. "It didn't sound like what it looks like," she said.

Vickery told 7NEWS her dad had been building the firebird as a race car for the last 30 years.

"Now it's totaled," she said.

The firefighter was taken to a hospital with a bruised shoulder.

"Luckily for us he had his seat belt on," said Sgt. Sean Wheeler of the Colorado State Patrol. "That probably saved his life today."

Wheeler said Ponderosa Drive is a "typical mountain road" -- only eight feet wide.

Vickery said her family has asked Clear Creek County to widen the roads in her area.

"Hopefully this is a wake up call for everybody that the roads really are bad," Vickery said.

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