Final Arguments Expected In CO School Funding Suit

Attorneys are expected to deliver final arguments in a lawsuit challenging how Colorado funds its education system.

Lobato v. State of Colorado was filed in June 2005. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include dozens of parents and Colorado school districts, including Jefferson County and Colorado Springs District 11.

Plaintiffs claim that the Colorado Legislature's method of funding schools violates the state constitution's promise to provide a "thorough and uniform system of public schools."

The lawsuit seeks more money for K-12 education. It contends "that as a result of irrational and inadequate funding of public education, the (state is) failing to provide for a 'thorough and uniform system' of public education and that the public school finance system fails to provide the financial resources necessary for local boards of education to exercise control of instruction in their schools."

In 2011-12, the state plans to spend $2.8 billion on K-12 education. That's 40 percent of the state's $7 billion general fund budget.

Closing arguments are expected Friday afternoon in Denver District Court. A judge will rule in several weeks.

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