Film Festival To Be Held At Denver Park

Civic Center Park Will Be Site of Month Long Event

The Denver City Council approved a plan to host a month-long film festival to be held at Civic Center Park in July.

The vote 8-4 occured just minutes before Midnight on Tuesday.

The festival will feature "first run" films. Admission prices were one point of contention. Pre-paid tickets will be sold for $15 per person. Day of tickets will sell for $20 per person.

But the idea of paying 20 dollars a piece for an outdoor film at Civic Center Park is more along the lines of a bad movie plot.

"That's a ton money to ask for a show," said Cheryl Velasquez, a Denver resident

"A film festival will bring people to the park and encourage them to use the park in other ways once they become aquainted with it," noted Sonya Foss, a Denver resident.

The Parks and Rec department did a study before moving forward and feel it could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars over a four year period.

The festival will be put on by U.S. Open Air LLC. This will be the first American venue for the company.