Fantasy Game Player Arrested In Real-Life Robbery

Man Arrested At Dungeons & Dragons Event

It took three months of detective work, but police said they arrested a man wanted in a bank robbery while he was at a Dungeons and Dragons event.

The bank robbery happened on June 29 at the U.S. Bank in Longmont.

During weeks of work and interviews, investigators said they identified a suspect, Aaron Klug.

They also said they determined that Klug was going to attend a Dungeons and Dragons event in Boulder on Oct. 5.

An Internet search found that an Aaron M. Klug was scheduled to attend a weekly Dungeons and Dragons event in Boulder on Tuesday night.

The event posting said, "Adventure waits as you journey to the Nentir Vale and face down savage beasts and lurking evils at the edge of civilization."

Klug's profile on the website said, "I like [Dungeons & Dragons] 4.0 because of the PRO combat style and it really gives me a chance to Kill [sic] everything." Klug joined the group the same day as the bank robbery, June 29.

Two members of the group told 7NEWS that Klug was about to be banned from the group for what they called "disruptive behavior."

Boulder police said they set up surveillance in the area of the event Tuesday, contacted Klug and took him into custody without incident.

Police said Klug does not appear to be tied to any other bank robberies in the region. His bail is set at $50,000.