Family Of Man Dragged To Death In Hit-And-Run Pleads For Help

Suspect In Crash That Killed Travis Kubiak's Case Set Free Last Week

The family of a Denver man killed in a hit-and-run accident a year ago said they are not giving up the search for a suspect.

Travis Kubiak was run over and killed by a car on July 25, 2004.

Last week, a man who had spent four months in custody was released because of lack of evidence.

The clock is ticking to solve the case because there is a three-year statute of limitations on hit-and-run cases and July 25 marks one year since Daniel "Travis" Kubiak was killed.

Kubiak was hit while crossing the street at 19th and Pearl at 1:40 a.m. Kubiak was run over and dragged under the vehicle for 629 feet, police said. Police said there were two separate pools of blood, which indicated that the vehicle had stopped twice before Kubiak was finally free from the car.

A friend who crossed the street with him, Rebecca Zimmerman, was hit and thrown across a lane. She survived but has no memory of what happened that night.

Family and friends hope that someone else can step forward and do the right thing.

"Travis was your friend next door, a nice guy who would never hurt anyone and it's so important that we do justice for him," said Zimmerman.

Kubiak's parents and Zimmerman returned to the scene of the crime Thursday to stage a public plea for help.

The loss of Travis has meant a year of pain, worsened because whoever killed him remains free.

"He believed in trust and faith and goodness and I think bringing this to justice is what he deserves," said Renee Kubiak, Travis' mother.

Gerald Brown was released last week because of lack of evidence.

In February, police arrested Gerald Brown, 41, after a woman identified him as the person behind the wheel. He has denied involvement and was freed last week after the credibility of the alleged witness came into question.

The district attorney said Brown remains a person of interest, and he believes someone in the Denver community holds the answers.

"Maybe something they have been thinking about, something that is eating at them, something that has been bothering their conscience, and we hope they will come forward," said district attorney Mitch Morrissey.

All Travis' family can do is wait.

"The one thing that it will help do is close off that one issue that's dangling out there that we think about daily," said Dan Kubiak, Travis' father.

Police know what kind of car was involved in the accident. It's a 2000 to 2003 Ford Focus that's dark in color. They say it would clearly have damage to the front end.

The alleged witness who came forward said that she was with Brown moments before the accident. She had said that they had an argument over the use of crack and she got out of the car. According to her police statement, the woman said she then heard Brown's vehicle "burn out" and watched as he struck the pedestrians. Then she heard him yell, 'What the f--- did I just hit,'" police said.

However, her story could not been corroborated and Brown was let free.

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