Fake Tickets Tell Drivers 'Get Over Yourself'

Motorists Duped With Fake Parking Tickets

Police in Boulder are trying to find out who's been leaving fake parking tickets on cars that tell drivers to "get over yourself."

Seven fake tickets have been found on cars along 30th Street and near the 29th Street Mall.

According to police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley, the tickets include vehicle information and urge recipients to mail fine payments to the Public Safety Building and gives an incorrect address of 1305 33rd St.

The fake tickets are vertical and include commentary on the bottom saying, "The foregoing is falsely alleged upon personal initiative. This ticket hereby notes discredibility. Remember: Things could be worse. Get over yourself."

Real tickets are horizontal, Huntley said, and do not include commentary.

Anyone who may believe their ticket isn't real should contact Boulder police at 303 441-3300. Actual parking tickets should be mailed to the city's Municipal Court, P.O. Box 8015, Boulder, CO 80306-8015.

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