Facebook Page Users Rant About E-470

E-470 Defends System

On a Facebook page called "Don't Drive E-470, Denver's Ripoff Toll Road," angry drivers sound off about billing complaints.

Chris Mead knows how they feel.

Trying to save time by taking E-470 nearly cost him a bundle, Mead said.

Mead said he paid his E-470 bills, so when the toll road sent a notice stating he still owed money, "We provided them with bank statements that proved we had paid. We thought everything was done with," said Mead.

But then, he got a notice from a law firm, stating he owed $795 for $75 in tolls.

E-470 officials would not go on camera Friday, but in a statement blamed "human error, a rare occurrence."

Just last week, though, a similar story with Aurora Resident Jessica Kruckeberg prompted 18 pages of comments on thedenverchannel.com, mostly complaints about E-470 toll woes.

It's not a new issue. Last year, we received dozens of billing complaints from angry E-470 drivers before the agency changed its billing practices and declared a "reset" of fines and fees.

In a statement Friday, an E-470 spokesman wrote,"When we do learn of an error, we take responsibility and make things right."

"I think that that statement is exaggerated," said Mead. "I think they only made things right because of pressure."

Mead contacted 7NEWS for help Friday. After we contact E-470, he said, officials apologized and figured out that he had, in fact, paid twice.

"It seems to me like a way of trying to generate revenue. I think if it hadn't been for you and 7NEWS that I would have been paying this amount," said Mead.

E-470 officials said the problem in Mead's case wasn't with the billing system but with processing the payment.

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