Evergreen Teen Convicted After MySpace Weapons Posting

Father Removes Guns From Home

A former Evergreen High School student was convicted of possession of a handgun by a juvenile on Tuesday, despite testimony from his father that he had permission to handle guns at home.

The student had posted pictures on Myspace.com, showing him with handguns and rifles. He was found not guilty on two additional charges of handgun possession. The 16-year-old boy has been held in detention since his arrest in February.

The boy's father is a gun collector and airline pilot. He testified that he gave his two sons training in the safe handling of weapons, but that he was upset when he found out about the photos posted on the Web site.

In one of the photos, the teen is surrounded by rifles and is holding two handguns with a caption that said, "Angel o' death on wings o' lead."

According to the Canyon Courier newspaper, one of the written entries from the student on the Web site said: "People suck and deserve to die." Another said that music "makes the difference between a good day and me holding some stupid person at gunpoint in the frozen foods section with a gun to their head while its being pressed against a bag of peas."

"I was not pleased and told him to take (the photos) down," his father testified. "I told him, 'What were you thinking when you took these pictures?'"

The father also testified that his sons were not allowed to load or fire the weapons unless he was present.

The judge hearing the case said he was concerned about one photo in which the boy had his finger on the trigger of a weapon, unlike two other photos.

The father testified that he has removed all weapons from the home.

The boy will be sentenced on June 1 and his family plans to enroll him in private school.

Authorities received an anonymous tip about the postings through Safe 2 Tell, a youth crime prevention program.

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