Evacuees Sneak Back Into Fire Area

Residents Drive, Hike To Get Into Homes

Some evacuees are hiking or finding ways to drive into the fire area because they are concerned their homes may not be there when they are allowed back in.

Ryan Anderson was loading his clothes and keepsakes into a plastic bag on Wednesday evening.

"We just came back to get things that are hard to replace," said Anderson.

The wildfire is now burning so close to his home on Glendale Gulch Road, he is convinced this is the last time he will see it still standing.

"It's going to burn," he said, looking with concern at the smoke 250 feet away. "I'm very worried about it, but there's nothing I can do."

He was working when the area was evacuated, so he did not have a chance to grab belongings before the roads were blocked.

He said he had planned to hike two miles into the area, but was able to find a way to drive in.

"This is going to be dry tomorrow," said Anderson. "And if it's windy, all these spots will flare up. It's going to get out of control."

He said he planned to drive out in a few hours, after he loaded his pick up with precious cargo.

"I have antiques, handmade rugs that are 100 years old, and things that can't be replaced," he said.