ER Doctor Relives Another Tragedy During Cinema Shooting

Doctor Treated Wounded Columbine Students As Well

As soon as the ER was put on alert early Friday morning, Dr. Chris Colwell got the call to come into work at Denver Health Medical Center.

"I was the one who was notified a little before one o'clock in the morning," said Colwell.

A long list of gunshot victims from the cinema shooting were transported to the ER.

The events served as a reminder of the past, when he treated the students from Columbine.

"Did you think of Columbine and your experience right away?" asked 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart.

"Initially after getting through the cobwebs out, I did think about Columbine," said Colwell.

“Take 'theater' and put in 'school,' and it's essentially the same message," he said.

Columbine is now part of the training tools hospitals use to create order inside the ER.

Friday morning it showed.

“This is exactly what we had trained for and exactly what we had said we had been prepared to do this," he said.

There's a personal lesson for Dr. Colwell too. Even after seeing the worst in humanity, he's determined not to live in fear.

“We made the conscious decision to go a movie Sunday to say, 'We are not going to be governed by these events.'"

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