Emily Keyes' Parents Home In Foreclosure

John Michael Keyes: This Is Not Tragic, It Was Business Decision

John Michael Keyes, whose daughter, Emily, was killed in the Sept. 2006 Platte Canyon High School shooting, told 7NEWS Wednesday his home is in foreclosure.

Keyes said his 5,000-square foot home on 37 acres near Bailey is scheduled to go to foreclosure sale July 29.

"This is not a tragic foreclosure story. This is a business decision story," said Keyes.

Keyes said he and his wife, Ellen, made a "conscious decision" to focus on the "I Love U Guys" Foundation. It was created, in part, to develop stronger school safety programs.

The foundation started The Standard Response Protocol for student safety, which is now used in 750 Colorado schools, and in more than 2,000 schools nationwide.

Among other things, TSRP created a uniform classroom response to incidents at schools, including weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety.

Keyes said he went from making $120,000 a year in software development to making $45,000 a year as the executive director of the foundation.

He said the decision to work for the foundation full-time is where his passion lies, and losing his home is partially a result of that new-found passion.

Keyes said he was working with Chase and Bank of America on a permanent loan modification, but in November Chase told him he no longer qualified for the modification and Chase moved forward with the foreclosure process.

"It was frustrating to be told we were doing everything right, only to be told later they could not initiate the modification process," said Keyes.

The Keyes plan to move to a smaller home about a half-mile from their current one.

Emily was killed On Sept. 27, 2006 when a rogue gunman entered Platte Canyon High School, held seven girls hostage and ultimately shot and killed Emily.

During the time she was held hostage, Emily sent her parents text messages... "I love you guys" and "I love u guys. k?"

"Emily's kindness, spirit, fierce joy, and the dignity and grace that followed this tragic event define the core of The "I Love U Guys" Foundation," according to ILoveUGuys.org.

Learn more about the family foundation at ILoveUGuys.org.

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