Effort To Remove DIA's Blue Mustang Grows

Online Effort Under Way On Facebook

Anyone who has been out to Denver International Airport has seen the "Blue Mustang" sculpture leading to the terminal.

Rachel Hultin wants to see the huge blue statue with its red glaring eyes removed from its current location. She has created a Facebook page called "DIA's Heinous Blue Mustang Has Got To Go."

On her Facebook page, Hultin writes, "Is anyone else as mortified and offended by DIA's 32 foot fiendish blue 'Mustang' statue as I am? Does anyone else find it to be the least welcoming public art exhibit imaginable? Are you perturbed by the chilling fact that Luis Jimenez, its creator, was killed by a piece of its torso?"

The group's membership swelled to more than 1,800 members by 3 p.m. Thursday. Visitors are being asked to take part in the "Heinous Blue Mustang Haiku Challenge."

Hultin said the poems will be sent to the mayor's office, in hopes of getting the sculpture moved.

She said she is a realist and doesn't expect the city to move it, but believes it's hideous. She said the mustang's glowing red eyes are simply creepy, and thinks the Convention Center's big blue bear was a better choice of art for the city.

"It's just a very uninviting piece. I would just like to think that the people, when they come to our city, the first piece of art that they see should be a little more welcoming," Hultin said.

Followers of @DenverChannel on Twitter posted several responses Thursday, that included:

romeyinfc "I think that mustang isn't the best piece of art to put out by the airport, I'd like to see it moved."

LaceyH "Seriously, that sculpture is scary and rather ominous ... Particularly due to its past."

Greeblemonkey "I hate to say it, but I am creeped out by the DIA mustang too. I know the family wanted it up -- but seriously? It's evil!"

The "Mustang" was commissioned in 1992 but was delayed by structural changes and because the creator, Luis Jimenez, had health problems.

Jimenez died in his Hondo, N.M., studio in June 2006 after he was pinned under a section of the sculpture that came loose from a hoist. The mustang was finally installed last year after Jimenez's staff members and family members helped complete his work.

The statue costs $650,000 but it was municipal bonds, not tax dollars that financed the art work.

7News viewers have expressed a wide range of opinions Thursday.

"I agree that the blue mustang is hideous. However, with the economy the way it is, I think there are more important ways to use money than to pay to move the statue," wrote one viewer in an e-mail.

"Instead of MOVING the big blue horse, why not just paint it to look like a real horse -- ya know, brown, white feet, white streak down nose, black tail, etc.?" writes another viewer.

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