Economy Takes Wind Out Of Vestas' 'Sales'

Company Implements Hiring Freeze

The Windsor company that manufactures huge wind turbines has now implemented a hiring freeze.

Vestas Wind Systems officials said this week despite record-breaking profits in the last quarter of 2008, orders have now come to a "standstill.”

The company’s chief executive told the Bloomberg News the Lehman Brothers' collapse has tightened credit for wind-farm developers.

Vestas also said it may have to cut jobs if sales don’t improve in the next 11 weeks.

Even with this latest announcement, construction on Vestas' huge new manufacturing facility north of Brighton continues. The Brighton facility is a new blade factory and a nacelle assembly factory.

Governor Bill Ritter said on Friday that the state should continue to move forward aggressively on green energy.

"This clean energy economy, what we call the new energy economy, that's the future," said Ritter. “Especially when the economy is bad. Moving green energy forward means we’re poised to come out of the economic downturn.”

“This isn’t just about wind turbines or solar panels. It’s about energy efficiencies, weatherization and conservation programs,” said Ritter.

The governor said green energy has already helped to create 90,000 jobs in Colorado.

In March 2008, Vestas opened its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Windsor.

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