Water tanker arrives in Hugo after THC found in water

HUGO, Colo -- A water tanker arrived in the Eastern Plains Town of Hugo Friday to provide bulk water after testing found THC in the municipality's water.

On the interim, the Salvation Army provided bottled water to residents of the town. 

An investigation into the water supply started after a local company testing its water found THC, which is commonly known to be the active ingredient in marijuana.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said field testing kits were brought in to check the water supply. Six of the those 10 water samples also tested positive for THC.

As more conclusive testing takes place, the 700 small-town residents have been explicitly told not to drink the water, or use it to cook. More test results are expected between the evening and Saturday.

Investigators at the scene told Denver7 they believe there are signs of possible tampering at Hugo's well No. 1, which has been sealed and secured.

Captain Mike Yowell with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said it will take some time for water to flush through the lines.

So far, there have been no reports of illnesses or any negative side effects from residents, according Lincoln County Public Health Director Susan Kelly. 

Any residents of the area who fall ill or develop any symptoms, are asked to call 1-800-222-1222.


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